Saturday, June 20, 2015

taking stock

the setting: it’s an early Saturday morning. the fan is on. the cat is sleeping with his head tucked into the duvet, his pose relaxed. streaming Leon Bridges, whose throwback style is appropriate for unwinding, reconnecting with emotions, feeling good. I heard birds chirping their business outside. 

I have been itching to write and express again. I’ve been lacking the energy and discipline to do so. and here I am trying to jumpstart my motivation yet another time. 

I know better than to make this a goal. I fail at goals because I get distracted from the path when something different and interesting makes me wander to the side. this is the pattern of my life: let the path be the sure and steady, explore the parallels and tangents, then go back to steady ground.

this time, I’ll meander.

I won’t set expectations.

just go.

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