Friday, October 20, 2006

I should be working.

It's slow today, and I'm spending my time messing around with Flickr and stalking home prices in the SFBA. Then I'll go home and coddle Mr. O, who's been stricken with a nasty illness that combines a super-stuffy nose, raging ear infection and scalding hot fever. Poor little man!

In related news - I came across a house in the LS that looks decent and that we could've afforded. Drat! I don't dare bring it up to D-Money. I can hear the groans of disappointment already.

Mr. O's birthday bash

cakes for all
cakes for all,
originally uploaded by urban mama.
Mr. O turned 1 on October 1. Amazing. We had a few of (my) friends over + one set of grandparents. It was the first party I've hosted in the house, and it went very well. I am now emboldened to hold future gatherings.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

the uniform

Today I am wearing:

Wide-legged grey wool pants
Black cashmere turtleneck
Robert Clergerie black platform wedges from a few years ago

I still have my screaming pink wool dufflecoat by Isaac Mizrahi for Target, though I should cycle that out and keep it as a weekend coat. It's great for the playground and doing errands. The pockets can manage a big sippy cup. Don't tell me that's not handy.