Wednesday, November 09, 2005

all is quiet on the midwestern front.

OX is taking his mid-day nap, and every once in a while he'll let out a yelp or cry. I now remember this being those sleep cries I've read about, so I no longer jostle him out of slumber to see if he's hungry or his diaper's ready to explode.

He's becoming more of a little person now. He's generally mellow; he sat peacefully in his bouncy chair last night while Zoe had her mac & cheese and I supervised. He hasn't been in the kitchen all that much and was interested in the sights and smells. He's also a strong little OX and can hold his head up for a few seconds at his tender age. He's slightly interested in the mobile that plays classical music (yep, we fell for that gimmick). He's an observer, I think, and will test things before coming to a conclusion. Whereas his sister always reacts before considering whether it really is a terrible thing or not.

I like it when Z-Bot and OX stare at each other. I was worried that she would exhibit more resentment. Luckily, she doesn't mind having him around and will go looking for him if he's crying. I've tried to give her a lot of me-time, but I have to confess that the tv is on more often than I'd like if only to give me some time to nurse him.

It's a beautiful fall in Chicago thus far. Today it's windy and sunny. It's been quite mild and definitely livable. I have to laugh at my SF friends who were wearing down jackets in 50 degree weather while I was jacket-less. I'm acclimated to the midwest!

A side note about the wedding - for the most part, everything went smoothly with the usual hiccups. It was wonderful to see R. get married and I saw a lot of old friends. The bridesmaid's dress fit. I got false eyelashes and pro makeup done, and I felt very, very pretty.