Sunday, August 07, 2005

good bread

This is not a pregnancy thing. I've been into La Brea Bakery's bread. It is one of the few things I miss about L.A. I was very pleased to find their bread in one of the small markets where I used to shop when we lived in Streeterville. Now it's all over town at Jewel, and damn if the bread is STILL good even at a regular supermarket.

To describe the classic French baguette or Vienna petite loaf: the crust is not hard but firm. There is a definite crunch as you sink your teeth in. The texture of the bread itself is light and chewy but with some structure. Day-old holds up as french toast or with dip. I've frozen slices before and spread sweet butter and preserves on the thawed ones - still okay!

I've been buying the petite loafs and sharing them with Z-Bot. She likes her bread plain this week. I made a cream cheese and tomato dip for her to try, but she was not into it. More for me, then.

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