Thursday, April 21, 2005

zen mama

I read an article in today's about overly neurotic and, quite frankly, crazy moms. The author did not fall into that camp. I felt cheered. Parenting is difficult enough as it is without the added, unnecessary pressure of being Mom No. 1. Must have the Bugaboo stroller. Must have tri-lingual toddler. Must only provide organic food. Must "enrich" baby's daily experiences constantly so said baby can eventually graduate magna cum laude from Ivy League of choice.

Well, I say PHOOEY to all that.

Nearly everyone in my generation was bottlefed on formula. We grew up in the age of packaged convenience food that was good and tasty. I remember Chef Boyardee being a great lunch friend, and damned if I don't still eat Spaghetti-Os once in a while. Despite all of the processed stuff I ate, I'm healthy, no allergies, no issues.

Now, if you choose to go to therapy and complain about how craptacular your childhood was because you weren't offered mom's milk from day one, I say get a grip and get on with your life.

I didn't graduate magna cum laude from the state university I attended, nor do I know more than one language (English) with any proficiency. My life is pretty good anyway, if I do say so myself.

And if you can't appreciate who you are and where you're at, then I don't know.

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