Saturday, April 16, 2005

rock 'n' roll McDonald's

So the grand opening was yesterday and we went there for lunch to check it out. It was not unlike going to Disneyland: all manner of people everywhere, a LINE to get in (never mind the line to get your food), sparkly and bright, display cases of Happy Meal toys past...we noted a special VIP entrance flanked by guys in suits with two-way radios. Plus there was a blocked-off media area upstairs.

The noteworthy aspects of the new McD's are a) the escalators in the middle of the space, giving it an Ikea or Target feel, and, more importantly, the Herman Miller seating showcase on the second floor. Mies chairs! Corbu chairs! The Nelson Marshmallow sofa in black! You can sit on a piece of modern design history while chowing down on a Big Mac and McFlurry.

I didn't get too close of a look at these interesting long tables downstairs, which seem to be screens that projected some glowing, swirly abstract patterns.

The food? It tasted exactly the same as it always does, though I thought my fries were a bit saltier than usual.

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