Saturday, September 18, 2010

fall, glorious fall

September 23rd is 2010's first day of fall. It's my favorite season hands down. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked. Because now I can present the list of good better best things about fall.
  1. Food: thick pureed hot soups, slow cooker goodness, stews, hot apple cider, leftover Thanksgiving turkey, roasted root vegetables, pears cooked in butter and brown sugar, and pumpkin rocks
  2. Clothes: sweaters and boots. jeans tucked into boots. long sleeves. layers. scarfs.
  3. Flannel sheets
  4. More opportunities to swathe oneself in blankets
  5. And while swathed in blankets, reading 
  6. Kids getting all excited about Halloween
  7. Eating the kids' Halloween candy. (don't judge. you do it too)
  8. How good cold air smells and feels
  9. Hot chocolate, which technically goes under food but really deserves a special spot on the list
  10. Leaves changing colors
 Fall is romantic and welcomes change. Bring it on.

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