Friday, June 25, 2010

dear iPod

you and I have been friends for many years. you have provided me endless comfort and meditative moments, and I have provided an eclectic, varied musical palette for your hard drive. your case has seen the scratches and scars of heavy, nearly daily use. you have traveled with me across the country and back. in the past year, you have been a stalwart companion in my car as we went on road trips.

lately, I've noticed a slowing down in your performance. the battery gauge isn't providing an accurate read on the actual life left. you suddenly shut down in a huff for no reason and grudgingly reboot. I fear that our relationship is nearing an end, my dear.

I have treated you with nothing but loving kindness, save the odd drop onto hardwood or sidewalk. (I swear those were pure accidents) But you are a fragile fleur, aren't you?

When the time comes for your demise - the prevailing opinion of your life expectancy is four years, and you've got one to go - I will observe a moment of silence. I'll responsibly recycle you. And then I'll head over to the Apple Store and get myself a Touch. Love you too.

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