Thursday, November 22, 2007

the time sucker known as Facebook

So I've jumped the shark and started populating my Facebook profile, which was originally set up in 2005 - eons in the social networking world. I can't remember exactly why I started messing around with it, but, suffice to say, it's taken up precious minutes that should be spent filing the mound of never-diminishing paperwork on my desk here at home, sorting the laundry, preventing the kids from making new holes in the drywall, and other important activities.

The thing that takes up a vast amount of time is navigating the add-ons for Facebook. I still haven't figured out the Flickr app and have taken more movie compatibility quizzes than I care to admit. The most time-sucking of these apps is Scrabulous, an online Scrabble game which is terribly, terribly addicting. Particularly when good friends beat the pants off you and you desperately need to save face. But immediately.

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