Monday, May 14, 2007

separation anxiety

I was in California for a work-related trip - the first I've taken since leaving my job in L.A. It was easier then: throw everything into a suitcase, pick up trashy reads at Hudson News and shut off the brain when in flight. Now that there are kids in the equation, factor in coordination of husband's schedule, draft menu for days gone, make copious amounts of food so there's no excuse for not addition to all the post 9/11 alert issues and remembering to wear socks and shoes because otherwise you're going barefoot through the security gate.

I admit to having mild, concealed panic attacks on the cab ride to the airport. Not that I don't trust my children's father to take adequate care of them, but I've been so attached to them from day one that it felt as though they were being ripped from me. I bitch all the time about their demanding little natures but at the end of the day, I'm the mama.

It was good to be away and to have a sweet reunion. Zee hugged me, and O gave me the stinkeye before bursting into tears. Though I don't know if he was overwhelmed with emotion or peeved about his poopy diaper.

On a lighter note, my new favorite band no one's ever heard of: "C'mon" is perfect for warm weather listening. Sort of a mishmash of Brit pop and Third Eye Blind. Whatever. I like them.

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