Friday, March 02, 2007

the vocabulary of a 17 month old boy

Our Mr. O has been diligently expanding his vocabulary. Below is a current list of favorite words.

    snuh = snow

    snah = snack

    nana = banana, also a code word for "give me something that's good 'n' tasty to eat because I will expire from hunger in three seconds if you don't"

    baba = bottle, of course. Can also be code for "sippy cup"

    meh = milk

    da = downstairs, also "what's that?", also an all-purpose term for anything for which we don't know the word yet

    Mah! = Max, the name of one of our cats

    Mah! = Coco, the name of the other cat

    Cah! = cat

    mama = mama

    dada = daddy

    duhduh = Zee

    Duh! = duck

    Cuh! = cow

    aaaaaaarrrrrrrr = growling sound, can be related to polar bears, lions, tigers or bears in general. Occasionally related to pirates.

    Dun! = done, as in "I'm done with dinner. I'll throw it on the floor if you don't clear my placesetting fast enough...oops, you're too late."

    boh = book

    baf = bath

    No! = No!

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