Sunday, November 19, 2006

rolling into the holidays

I'm excited about the holiday season this year. The one cloud is that my father passed away during Thanksgiving weekend last year, so it will forever be a melancholy time of year for me. But, I am happy that the babies are doing well and are as happy as they can possibly be. They are such swell kids.

The big joint present this year is an old school style rocking horse similar to what D-Money had when he was wee. I think they'll both like it, and they'll both fight over it. Other than that, they'll get the usual assortment of books and fun things. Zee is getting the FP Kid Tough digital camera for her birthday and probably a small paul julius t-shirt. And a stuffed penguin that's two feet tall. I fear that she'll take it into her tiny and already overflowing with stuffed animals toddler bed with her. She's learned how to walk like a penguin and will perform on demand for a change. It is good stuff.

Intellectual strengths: Zee is excellent with puzzles and games, patterns, logic. O is excellent with problem solving (physical and mental) and building Duplo structures, and he's a charming little guy to boot. They have the makings of being evil geniuses if we don't instill any ethical standards with them.

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