Thursday, October 13, 2005

newly hatched hatchling report

So far, the little man is proving to be a sleepy guy. Our usual schedule goes a little something like this:

    Change diaper
    Continue to nurse (or not)
    Swaddle (or not)
    Cuddle until passed out - noted duly by slack jaw and limp limbs

This is happening on a three-hour cycle. We can't complain.

I think Zee annoys him. When we get home from daycare and she's making a ruckus, he is not pleased with the increased level of noise and complains. It could be that he's also annoyed that I'm trying to make dinner and not sitting still for cuddling purposes.

I can only think that, a year from now, he'll be eating solid foods, and Zee would be almost three. Yeeeks.

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