Sunday, September 25, 2005

the waiting game

The last month of pregnancy has got to be the most painfully torturous one ever. Every waking moment is governed by a single thought - "Was that a contraction?"

I made some potato leek soup today. I have the urge to cook and freeze everything that I can, though that is being countered by the fact that I don't want to expend any energy. However, the potato leek soup is stupidly easy. Equal amounts of leeks and potatoes -- that is, one to one ratio -- enough chicken stock or water to cover everything, and crock pot on low until potatoes are mushy. Add butter and salt to taste. Puree the stuff with the appliance of your choice: blender (mine), food processor or immersion blender. Eat.

It's an overcast, rainy, humid Sunday and the house is peaceful. D-Money and Z are still napping. OX is calmly resting in my belly. He got a little excited before my prenatal yoga class but otherwise has been moving gently.

D-Money asked me what I thought his personality would be like since I know him the best out of everyone right now. I couldn't answer. I didn't know what Z was going to be like until after she was born. She was a pretty active baby in utero, but that's about I could ascertain from that point in her life. OX is not nearly as frenetic. At least, he doesn't get the hiccups that often.

I will really miss the alone time Z and I have had. I sometimes feel guilty because I don't have the energy to really give her my full attention these days, and I feel as though she may suffer from it. But, she's been as loving as her little toddler self can be. It brings tears to my eyes when she hugs me spontaneously.

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