Monday, May 30, 2005

the theraputic value of play-doh

D-Money got it into his head that Zee was bored with her toys, so we went on a hunt for more age-appropriate items. We scored a bucket of Play-Doh and assorted extruders, shape cutters and other tools of the trade. 'Twas a big hit. Zee was particularly drawn to the purple Doh and the trimming knife. She and I played with the stuff for a half hour - monumental for a short-attention span toddlin' human.

I have to admit, it felt good to smush and shape things out of the Doh. There's almost a Zen-like concentration that comes over me as I'm rolling out the Doh and cutting shapes out of it. Something about using the hands, thinking about the texture, the familiar smell, trying to stop overthinking about what to make. It was relaxing.

When you buy the cans, you usually see some photos of elaborate objects people can make of the stuff. Me, I'm happy making balls and snakes...out of one color.

In other news tonight, Zee got a hold of a milk chocolate Lindor ball. Against my better judgement, I let her keep it and bring it to the car. Within the 10-minute drive home, she had opened the packaging and demolished the chocolate. I knew because I could smell it (delicious) and hear her squeals of triumph and delight. She was, classically, coverd from head to toe in gooey chocolate goodness. She was pretty happy. And who could blame her?

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